A Healthy Disregard for the Impossible


At Q Productions Las Vegas, Inc. we believe in looking towards the future while having our feet firmly planted in the present. This means that our ideas are big, new and borderline on the impossible but our can-do attitude coupled with our experience and know-how make them a reality. Gone are the days when you would wow an audience with sparkly costumes and a kick line. Thanks to YouTube and the Internet, today's audiences have the world at the tip of their fingers. Performances pop up everywhere around them, from their Facebook feed to their coworker's tweets and shares. Presenting cutting-edge entertainment such as holograms, projection mapping, interactive lasers, shadow play and immersive experiences has to be in the realm of considerations for anyone wanting to make an impact. Whether you are the entertainment director of a casino or appointed to coordinate your company's special event, or you are a destination company tasked with creating corporate entertainment, you can not afford in this day and age to present the same thing that literally has been done since the last century. Give us a call and we are sure you will be delighted.






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