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LED Light Suit Dancers For Hire in Las Vegas


Step into a world where technology and dance collide spectacularly—welcome to the realm of The Photon Krew! This electrifying dance troupe takes the stage by storm, wrapped in the glow of avant-garde, light-infused suits that cut through the darkness like a beacon of innovation. Imagine a spectacle where dancers float, whirl, and vanish into thin air, leaving behind a canvas painted with dazzling colors and light. Each performance by The Photon Krew is not just entertainment; it's an immersive journey into a future where technology amplifies art, transforming every venue, from pulsating nightclubs and sprawling music festivals to upscale corporate events and grand stage shows, into an unforgettable celebration of movement, light, and creativity. Let The Photon Krew ignite your next event, promising an experience that transcends the ordinary and catapults your audience into a realm of awe and wonder.

photon krew purple and green.JPG

Perfect for Session Openers!

The Photon Krew stands as the quintessential choice for session openers, delivering an unparalleled blend of energy and spectacle that perfectly sets the stage for any event. Their performances are a high-octane fusion of light, technology, and dance, creating a mesmerizing visual experience that captures the audience's imagination from the moment the lights dim. This initial burst of dynamism and color not only grabs attention but also energizes the crowd, creating an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement.


As the lights dance and the music pulsates, The Photon Krew crafts an environment where the ordinary fades away, priming the audience for the transformative ideas and messages to come. By the time the keynote speaker or CEO takes the stage, the audience is already engaged, their minds open and receptive. This seamless transition from the electrifying performance of The Photon Krew to the intellectual stimulation of a keynote speech ensures that the message not only resonates more deeply but is also more likely to inspire action and leave a lasting impression. In essence, The Photon Krew doesn't just entertain; they prepare the ground, ensuring that every word from the subsequent speaker lands on fertile soil, ready to inspire and effect change.

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