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Gatsby Nights, A Captivating Roaring Twenties Extravaganza

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the unparalleled glamour of the Roaring Twenties with "Gatsby Nights," an exquisite Gatsby event designed by Q Productions Las Vegas. This Gatsby-themed experience seamlessly blends the mystery of a speakeasy with the lavishness of Gatsby-era festivities. From the moment you are greeted by Towering Art Deco Divas on the red carpet, you know you're in for an extraordinary evening.


Enter the Grand Foyer and find yourself enveloped in a scene reminiscent of "The Great Gatsby." Surrounded by a diverse cast of characters, including our Art Deco Drink Skirt Model offering champagne, the unique Swag Bike model, and the iconic Gatsby himself, you're not just attending a Gatsby event—you're living it.


The Gatsby-themed night extends beyond mere aesthetics; it's an epicurean journey designed in partnership with the venue's chef. The lavish table settings and gourmet offerings are a feast for the senses, perfectly complementing the visual spectacle of the evening.


Entertainment at this Gatsby event is second to none, featuring The Sugar Babies, a group of mesmerizing cabaret dancers who capture the essence of the era. The night is further enriched by an array of specialty acts, including award-winning acrobats, jugglers, singers, and contortionists, making "Gatsby Nights" a showcase of unparalleled talent and excitement.


"Gatsby Nights" by Q Productions Las Vegas is not just a Gatsby-themed event; it's a portal to an era of splendor and thrill. Every detail, from the grand entrance to the sumptuous culinary delights and breathtaking performances, is meticulously crafted to transport you to the heart of the Roaring Twenties. Experience an unforgettable evening where luxury, fun, and the spirit of Gatsby come alive. Join us for a Gatsby event like no other, and let the magic of the night envelop you.

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