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Disco Themed Event

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It's a Disco Party!

Get ready to boogie the night away at our electrifying Disco Party themed event, brought to you by Q Productions Las Vegas! Step back in time to the groovy era of the 70s as we transform your venue into a dazzling disco wonderland. Picture roller skating dancers gliding across the dance floor, towering disco showgirls bedazzling the stage, and disco stilt walkers towering above the crowd in their funky attire. With 70s DJs spinning the hottest tracks from the era, and disco ball head characters adding a touch of whimsy to the ambiance, this event promises to be an unforgettable journey through the golden age of disco. So dust off your bell-bottoms and get ready to hustle and boogie all night long with us!

Get Inspired

Mirror Girls by Q Productions Las Vegas

Disco Ball Dancers and Ball Head Models

Disco Ball Head models are a fantastic addition to any event, especially if you're going for a Disco theme. These whimsical and fun models create a great atmosphere that will have your guests dancing the night away. The reflective surface of the Disco Ball Heads will add a touch of glamour and sparkle to your event, making it a night to remember. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add some pizzazz to your event with these fantastic Disco Ball Head models!

70s Disco Towering Showgirls IMG_0291_0_

Disco Towering Showgirls

Prepare to be captivated by our sensational 70s Disco Towering Showgirls! These towering icons will stand as majestic sentries, welcoming guests with their glittering costumes and towering presence. They radiate disco glamour and are an irresistible focal point for selfies and admiration. As guardians of the disco realm, they infuse your event with an aura of nostalgia and allure, ensuring that every attendee feels like a star on the dance floor. Get ready to strike a pose and immerse yourself in the magic of the disco era with these iconic atmosphere characters!

Disco Stilt Walker

Introducing our groovy 70s Stilt Walker, a towering titan of disco vibes! Picture this cool cat strutting above the crowd on his towering stilts, adorned in funky, psychedelic attire straight out of the disco era. With platform shoes reaching for the stars and bell-bottom pants swaying to the beat, he commands attention and admiration wherever he roams. Radiating the essence of disco coolness, he's a living embodiment of the era's larger-than-life spirit, spreading joy and excitement with every step. Get ready to be transported back in time as you encounter this iconic figure, towering above the dance floor and adding a touch of retro magic to your event.

70s Disco IMG_2024.jpg

Disco Ball Walker

Introducing our sensational 70s Disco Ball Walker, a shimmering spectacle of retro glamour! Watch as she glides gracefully atop a large ball, her every movement reflecting the dazzling lights of the dance floor. Clad in a vibrant color unitard that screams disco chic, and sporting a bleached perm that's straight out of the era's fashion magazines, she's a vision of disco fabulousness come to life. Patrons will be dazzled as this iconic figure roams the event, spreading sparkle and joy wherever she goes, and adding a touch of disco magic to your night!

70s Disco IMG_1976.jpg

Disco Drink Skirt

Get ready to be delighted by our sensational 70s Disco Drink Skirt, a walking work of art that brings fun and flair to your event! Watch as she glides through the crowd, her skirt adorned with colorful cups filled with delicious beverages, offering guests a refreshing sip as she passes by. With each twirl and spin, she creates a mesmerizing spectacle, turning heads and eliciting smiles wherever she goes. This mobile drink station isn't just practical; it's a photo op waiting to happen! Snap a selfie with this roaming masterpiece and capture the essence of disco extravagance. Let the good times flow as you enjoy your favorite drink and marvel at the creativity and ingenuity of this unforgettable addition to your event.

70s Disco IMG_2041.jpg

70s Disco Greeters

Step into the glittering world of disco with our fabulous 70s Disco Greeters! Towering showgirls, dancers, and showgirls bedecked in iconic 70s disco costumes welcome guests with open arms, radiating warmth and charm. Whether it's a themed event or an ordinary gathering, they infuse every moment with whimsy and nostalgia, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience. With their larger-than-life presence and infectious energy, they transform any occasion into a disco extravaganza, ensuring that every guest feels like a VIP from the moment they arrive. Get ready to boogie down and make memories that will last a lifetime with our sensational 70s Disco Greeter!


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