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Cirque Acts

Elevate Your Next Event With Our Award Winning Cirque Acts

Cirque acts are some of the most amazing and unique circus acts out there. They often include contortion, aerial, and hand-to-hand acts that are incredibly fun and energetically charged. Cirque performers wow audiences with their strength, flexibility, and coordination and a sure-fire way of adding an element of excitement and that elusive wow-factor that everyone wants in their event. 


If you're looking to add a bit of excitement to your next event, consider adding a cirque act or two! Your guests will be sure to remember the experience for years to come. As a FULL CIRQUE PRODUCTION COMPANY we have the experience and know-how from our decades of producing large-scale touring cirque shows such as "Viva Le Cirque!", "ZzyZyx, A Cirque Experience" and "Holiday Dreams, A Spectacular Holiday Cirque!". We are based in Las Vegas where we have access to the best cirque performers in the world.

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