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Las Vegas Style Event Ideas

As a Las Vegas-based entertainment creation company and with thousands of shows, corporate events, galas, award-ceremonies, product unveilings and more under our belt, we are always asked for ideas and tips by people who want to make their events truly memorable. They want to create that "water cooler" moment where attendees of their events keep talking about it for months to come. More importantly, an event that has incredible entertainment is more than just fun. It helps solidify brand awareness, it makes people revisit the message or brand simply by remembering amazing entertainment moments they experienced. Think about it: if you saw Top Gun or Star Wars or Iron Man, do you remember the impact it had on you? Do you remember the feelings it conjured in you? Those movies transcended the 90 minutes of entertainment they provided. Below are articles, posts and blogs to give you an idea and point you in the right direction on your journey to creating that perfect event with the most memorable entertainment impact. 

Event Entertainment Ideas: LED Performers

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

Anyone who has been to a music festival or other large event knows that led costumes and led performers add an extra level of excitement to the atmosphere. Hiring led poi performers or other led talent can give your next gig the same wow-factor. In addition to adding an element of fun and intrigue, led costumes also have a number of practical benefits. Led performers are often more visible than their unadorned counterparts, making them ideal for directing foot traffic or drawing attention to specific areas. Led costumes can also help to create a cohesive look for an event, unifying different elements and helping guests to navigate their surroundings.

Depending on the LED performer and the costume and if it is a long event there are some factors to consider:

- Some LED costumes are driven by batteries that can heat up and will turn off. It is advisable to have an hourly schedule where the performer and the suit can take a break. This way, the suit has time to cool off.

- Battery life can by draining on long events. Make sure you schedule breaks so that the performer can recharge or even change the batteries of his/her costume. This way you avoid the dreaded "lights off" in the middle of an event.

- If doing an outdoor event, make sure the weather cooperates with your event. Rain is definitely a no-go since water and electricity are not a good combination for electrical suits and costumes.

But these are very minor things to watch out for. In the scheme of things, LED talent and costumes are truly a showstopper and attention grabbing item that quite literally lights up your event. So if you're looking to add a little extra flair to your next event, led performers may be the way to go.

Feel free to call us or email us and we'd love to talk to you about our amazing LED Performers and how they can transform your event. You can call us at 702-608-9266 or email at

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