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Las Vegas Style Event Ideas

As a Las Vegas-based entertainment creation company and with thousands of shows, corporate events, galas, award-ceremonies, product unveilings and more under our belt, we are always asked for ideas and tips by people who want to make their events truly memorable. They want to create that "water cooler" moment where attendees of their events keep talking about it for months to come. More importantly, an event that has incredible entertainment is more than just fun. It helps solidify brand awareness, it makes people revisit the message or brand simply by remembering amazing entertainment moments they experienced. Think about it: if you saw Top Gun or Star Wars or Iron Man, do you remember the impact it had on you? Do you remember the feelings it conjured in you? Those movies transcended the 90 minutes of entertainment they provided. Below are articles, posts and blogs to give you an idea and point you in the right direction on your journey to creating that perfect event with the most memorable entertainment impact. 

Viva Le Cirque! Takes Taiwan By Storm

Viva Le Cirque! Debuts New Show at Taipei Tech Arena in Taiwan

The circus troupe Viva Le Cirque! has taken Taiwan by storm with their five spectacular shows in Taipei, Taiwan.

The show features an amazing cast of acrobats, contortionists, jugglers, gauchos, BMX, scooter and inline skating riders, daredevils, comedians, trampwall acrobats, aerialists and hand balancers that have mesmerized audiences with their thrilling stunts and daredevil acts


The show was a huge success with tickets selling out quickly for all five performances. Audiences were captivated by the incredible feats of strength and agility performed by the talented cast. The show featured daring trapeze acts, high-flying aerial stunts, Malambo Gauchos (a troupe of gauchos hailing from Argentina), fast-paced juggling, the Aerial Angels, comedic actors, motorcycles on a high-wire and breathtaking acrobatics that left everyone in awe.

The cast of Viva Le Cirque! is made up of some of the best performers from around the world who have come together to create an unforgettable experience for audiences. From the moment they step onto the stage, it’s clear that these performers have mastered their craft and are passionate about what they do.

Viva Le Cirque! is a show perfect for the whole family and a great alternative for those who want to see a cirque show that is different than what Cirque du Soleil offers. Viva Le Cirque! also differentiates itself for other cirque shows in that it is a truly massive show with larger-than-life apparatuses and stunts and go to the edge of life-or-death like seeing Harley Davidson motorcycles 45 feet in the air with no net below hauling two beautiful and talented female aerialist hanging with their bare hands and doing spins and contortions. Amazing!

Viva Le Cirque! is sure to be remembered as one of the most successful shows ever to play at Taipei Tech Arena in Taiwan. With its incredible cast and interactive elements, it’s no wonder why this show has been so popular among audiences everywhere. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing experience when it comes back next year!

Viva Le Cirque! was created, written and directed by Fernando Quevedo and produced by his company, Q Productions Las Vegas.





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